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Savvy Consumers
Arming consumers with the tools they need to buy smart
David McKee delivers a Savvy Seniors
presentation for Woodcreek Community Centre
President & CEO, Sandra Crozier-McKee
discusses Fraud Awareness

BBB's Savvy Consumers education program provides free presentations and information to consumers of all ages, in all walks of life. Funded by our Accredited Businesses, Savvy Consumers aims to give people the knowledge and the tools they need to protect themselves from scams, fraudsters or shady business practises.

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Savvy Consumers   Old Scams, New Tricks
  • They say there’s nothing new under the sun - or is there? Find out how modern day raudsters apply new tricks to old songs and dances with surprisingly effective results.

Internet Scams
  • There's lot's of "phish" in the sea. Learn how not to get caught get caught up in the many forms of fraud on the 'net.

Savvy Seniors   Big Picture on Scams Targeting Seniors
  • Seniors have a strong attachment to manners and “being friendly” and may have difficulty saying no to high-pressure sales tactics. You grew up in a time when business was done on a handshake and trust and integrity was important. It can sometimes be hard to believe that someone would deliberately try to scam you.

Heartstring Scams
  • A scam that plays on your emotions to take money from you. Sophisticated and difficult to detect because we want to believe they are real. They can also involve your family or loved ones.

Windfall Scams
  • A scam that promises large sums of money or prizes for little or no effort and plays on financial insecurity and fear. It can be very sophisticated and take place over weeks or months.

House and Home Scams
  • Door-to-door
  • Telephone solicitation
  • Rental Scams
  • Fly-by-night contractors

Just for Caregivers
  • Is the senior you care for at risk? If your senior has three or more of the presentation risk factors, they may be a target for con-artists.

Savvy Homeowners   House & Home Scams, How to Hire a Contractor
  • If a contractor approaches you with a special offer, ask for concrete evidence that the quoted price is lower than what they have charged in the past for the same work. This could include a past catalog, special mailing, a dated price list or evidence of identical work for a past customer.

Savvy Investors   Fighting Investment Fraud
  • Fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or damage to another individual. Most often it involves defrauding people of money or valuables. It is a crime.

Savvy Newcomers   Welcome to Canada... Beware of Scammers
  • Canada Day is a holiday when many newcomers take their citizenship oath and become Canadians. In celebration of the occasion, BBB and CCCSA are partnering to launch the Savvy Newcomers Consumer Education Program aimed at educating new Canadians on how to be savvy consumers.


Watch in the coming months for programs for Savvy Students.

With enough notice, we are also happy to customize a program for your group.
For more information, please contact:

dave David McKee
Community Outreach Coordinator
Phone: (403) 531-8688