BBB publishes complaints: Turning a negative experience into a positive opportunity

March 04, 2014

March 4, 2014 – CALGARY, ALBERTA -As of today, Canadian Better Business Bureaus (BBB) will join the list of BBBs throughout North America that offer complaint details in their free Business Reviews.

Previously, complaints were classified into twelve categories and only the type of each complaint was reported, along with basic information on how that complaint was closed. Starting today, the actual text from consumer complaints will be included, as well as the initial business response, the initial consumer rebuttal and any final business and/or consumer response.

President and CEO of BBB Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay, Sandra Crozier-McKee, says complaint publishing will improve business’ credibility and increase transparency. “Publishing complaints opens up great customer service opportunities for businesses,” she says. “We want businesses to remember they will have the opportunity to respond prior to the complaint being published. Accredited Businesses have made a commitment to respond to complaints and this will provide valuable customer feedback that will ultimately improve their services and public perception”.

BBB is making this change in response to feedback solicited from consumers over the last several months. Research showed consumers were looking for more detailed information on the types of complaints companies receive and how those complaints were ultimately resolved. This change also gives companies more of a voice in the complaint process, allowing consumers to directly observe their response to customer issues.

Since complaint detail will now be viewed by others, BBB wants consumers and businesses to understand it is important that they are screened prior to publishing to ensure that no personally identifiable information is present in their complaints and responses/rebuttals.

Personal information that will not be published includes:

  • Consumer names and business personnel/employee names
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Order numbers/invoice numbers/contract numbers
  • Banking information
  • Credit card numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Social insurance information
  • Driver license information
  • Date of birth
  • Identification numbers of any kind
  • Abusive, defamatory and derogatory language
  • Any information that would be deemed personally identifiable information

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