Weight-loss products

November 25, 2013

Exercise Equipment

Experts consistently agree that the only way to permanently lose weight is to reduce caloric and fat intake and increase exercise. No ingested product or external preparation such as creams, body wraps or inhalant, have been proven to cause permanent loss of fat without restriction of food intake or without exercise. The only exception to this rule that we are aware of involves an American company that was operating a few years ago. This company did market a pill that, when swallowed did result in weight loss. It was discovered later, that the reason that this pill was so effective was that it contained the larvae of a...tapeworm.

Significant weight loss should not be undertaken without competent medical supervision, especially if the amount of weight loss desired is over ten percent of body weight. Whenever considering a product such as this, consumers should always contact Health and Welfare Canada to see if they have further information on the product. The number is 403-292-4650.