Continuing Education

November 25, 2013

School Supplies

When considering taking a course, either through a correspondence school, or through a private institution, consumers should check into the following:

  1. If the reason for taking the course is to assist in securing employment, then the consumer should do "informational interviews" with potential employers. It is important to know if employers recognize the program or course.
  2. If the course is priced at $400.00 or more, then it must be licensed by Advanced Education and Career Developement. To verify this fact, you may call the provincial RITE number 310 0000 and ask to be connected to 780-422-5400. This call is toll free.
  3. Check with the Alberta Education Minister to ensure that the course is recognized in Alberta. This is especially important when taking correspondence courses from out of the province. To check, you can again call the RITE number 310 0000 and ask to be connected to 780-422-4495.