Charity Solicitations

November 24, 2013

Census Worker

Charities soliciting donations in Alberta are required to meet a number of requirements. 

 Required Disclosures

(Irrespective Of Nature Of Solicitation)

  • Name / address of the charity making the solicitation
  • Place of incorporation of the organization making the solicitation
  • The charitable purpose for which the contributions will be used
  • An estimate of the cost of the fund-raising
  • Estimate as to total donations / contributions the organization is likely to receive
  • Name / telephone numbers of a contact person who can respond to donor inquiries
  • Name of any fund-raising business being used to solicit donations
  • How the remuneration of the fund-raising business is determined


  • Are you registered with the province and / or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)?
  • If so, what are your registration numbers?
  • Are you a volunteer or paid representative of the organization?
  • Is your salary hourly paid, salary or commission?
  • Who pays you?
  • Have you got any ID?

By Phone

  • Are you registered with the province and / or the CRA
  • If so, what are your registration numbers?
  • How did you get my number?
  • Where are you calling from?
  • Are you a volunteer or do you work for someone else?

By Mail

  • Look for confirmation of registration status on any advisory literature
  • Take time to fully establish status of organization and conduct further research before making a donation or contribution
  • Clarify whether your donation will be used locally provincially or whether it will be absorbed in a national campaign

Special Events

  • Inquire whether the beneficiary charity is registered with the province and / or CRA
  • Are their provincial or CRA registration numbers provided?
  • Is this event being conducted with their knowledge 'consent'?
  • How much / what part of my fee / entry is tax deductible?
  • How much of my ticket price / entry fee will actually go to the charity?

Chocolate Bars, Coupon Books, Other Third-Party Fundraising Initiatives

  • Have you got the written approval of the charity to do this or to use their logo?
  • How much of my entry / purchase cost(s) is actually going to the charity?
  • How much do you personally get from each sale?
  • What is the original or gross price of this product?
  • Are you licensed to do this through the city or the province?

Always Be On Alert For:

  • Organizations that at first sight, look / sound the same as other established charities
  • Splinter groups creating themselves as (unauthorized) chapters of established charities
  • Organizations that are not formally incorporated, with no written constitution, no elected trustees or Board of Directors and no financial checks / balances
  • Doorstep canvasses who are on 'quotas' or who pressurize you into donating before you have had a full opportunity to read / review any promotional literature or before you have had an opportunity to fully understand all the rules of play in any 'draw' or 'competition' you are being asked to enter.