BBB warns of paving companies steamrolling local businesses

April 20, 2009


Better Business Bureau is advising local businesses and homeowners to beware unscrupulous asphalt companies that are pulling a common scheme in an attempt to bilk thousands of dollars.

The trouble starts when a business owner is approached near the end of the day by someone driving a truck loaded with asphalt, purportedly from a paving company.  He or she is told that the paving company just finished a job and has some left over materials, so they can fill in a few potholes or do some other small job for a bargain rate.  The business owner agrees and goes home for the night; upon returning, the entire lot has been repaved and a bill for several thousand dollars is waiting.

BBB has received complaints on this issue from Calgary business owners in recent days, and homeowners have called in to inquire about the practice as well.

“This type of bait and switch by shady paving companies is not all that uncommon, especially at this time of year,” said Daniel MacDonald, BBB spokesperson.  “People should be leery anytime a contractor or service person shows up at the door offering to do work.  If getting the job done wasn’t an emergency before your doorbell rang, take the time to have it done right.”

BBB recommends business owners and homeowners alike take the time to get estimates from 3-5 different companies, and speak to references for each business being considered, before having renovation work performed.  Start with the BBB to check on a business’ reliability at

For more information, contact Daniel MacDonald, Communications & Marketing Coordinator at 403-531-8685, or visit