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Roofmasters & Exteriors Ltd.

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3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

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Complaint Resolution Log (3)
12/17/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Roof repaired poorly. The company is impossible to deal with. All conversations have been arguments with him saying it is not his fault. It is someone else judging his work and they should not be doing that or there is some other problem that is causing the leaking.

Here is the litany of the problems and evidence that the work was done very poorly


August 11 - Roofmasters and Exteriors performs work on quadrant section of the roof. Job starts at 9:00 and finishes at 1200.

August 12 - ***** from Action Roofing Company comes - he looks at work completed on the quadrant and says it does not look very good. As well I ask Jason who is working at my neighbours house, who is with Elite Roofing, to also look at job and says he will bring the owner to look at it the following day.

August 13 - ****** (owner of) Calgary Elite Roofing, looks at job and says it is not done well. I phone Roof Master and tell him that two other companies have looked at the work and that they say it is not well done. He responds that is one roofer opinion against another. And that he has performed the work very well. And he would need to check their qualifications as he has a roof inspector ticket. And that I can put a garden hose on it and leave it on for 24 hours and it will hold. And that the job was done fine. And that he will send his warranty out.

Roof Master sends their 2 year warranty via email and outlines work completed. I tell him I am concerned still and suggest he come and look at it. He says the work is done well. And it is one roofers opinion against another.

August 17 - I contact a member associated with Alberta Roofing Association, whose name was given to me by Elite Roofing. Mr. **** *******, President of Swan Roofing Consultants, and is an inspector with the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA). He asks to see Roof Masters warranty and scope of work done. He reviews it and suggests I contact the manufactures representative of the product used on the roof to have them verify if the product was correctly applied. I follow up. And contact the regional manager - Commercial Division with IKO Industries Ltd., Mr. *** *******.

August XX -X:XX a.m. Heavy rain today. Mr. *** ******** of IKO comes to the house and looks at roof and says the job is poorly performed. Material is not applied properly around the curve. It should be cut into small pieces so that it lies flat. As well, the installation of prebuilt curved flashing should not have been nailed down with roofing nails, as water will leak from this area, as well. In addition, the caulking used is not the appropriate sealer to have been used.

10:15 a.m. Mr. ******* leaves and sends me an email to outline what he saw on the roof and the numerous problems.

10:00 a.m. roof fails and is leaking in the interior. I call Roof Masters and tell them to return my roofing tarp and put it on the roof to reduce leakage. I photograph interior of where the leak is occurring.

11:00 a.m. Roof Masters arrives and puts on tarp. He also wants to see interior to see where the leak is occurring. I will not let him in the house. But on the phone I tell as to where the leaks are occurring. He leaves two messages on the phone telling me not to worry as he has insurance. And then calls back and says the leak must be the windows. Again, he diverts the problem away from his workmanship to something or somebody else.

11:15 a.m. (approx.) I phone Better Business Bureau to find out how a company can be listed as A+ rating and have performed work so poorly. The individual I speak to outlines what I need to do to undergo a complaint.

Monday August 24 - Arrange for a recommended roofer to come and look at the job. Claw Roofing Specialists come and look at job and tells me the job is poorly done and incorrect.

Thursday, August 27 - I received documentation by Claw Roofing that the basic entire application is incorrect and is not suitable for this roof.

Friday, August 28 - Sent in complaint to the BBB of Calgary. Claw Roofing Specialists are hired to redo the entire job.

Desired Settlement
return of the money that we paid him. We have already hired someone else to do the work.

Business Response
Hi *****,

I haven't heard from ******* either. I have documented that I did call her on sept 29 @ 4:05pm and I did call her and leave a voicemail along with that email on her home phone number, I did also call her on the same day that you and I spoke last as well-don't remember the day that was and you had mentioned you would be sending an email as well since she hadn't responded to you either. In the email I did say that I would return her monies in the form of a certified check and for her to contact me on how she would like to arrange doing so. Let me know if there is any other info you require and if you don't mind keeping me apprised as to what will happen from here. Thanks so much!

**** *******

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she did not accept the response from the business.)
I will turn the acceptance of this to a yes once we receive a certified check for the amount that we paid Mr. *******. I have returned to the United States and would appreciate the check being paid to the estate of
****** ***** and mailed to me, ******* ***** *** ******* ****** **********, ** *****.

We would like to put this to bed and once the certified check is deposited and clears we will be happy to accept the response. thanks

Final Business Response
We were waiting for a response from ******* *****, not that we have received this we will forward a certified cheque to the address provided by the end of the day on Dec 4, 2015, the certified chq will be drawn up and sent to ******* *****.

Final Consumer Response
We have decided to lift the complaint. In fact we want to change it to a recommendation. The contractor handled this with such honor, that we would like to say something nice about this contractor.

No, the check has not yet cleared, but we believe there will be no issues with that.

As we said before there were significant issues with the job and we did have to have someone redo. But we are so impressed on how he handled this - he was ethical, his actions suggest that he handles complaints well and we are proud to vouch for his business habits. Stuff does happen and the way this has been handled makes us willing to give him a second chance at some point in the future.

Happy holidays everyone.

03/02/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

In August, 2015 I hired **** ******* from Roofmasters and Exteriors to replace the roof on my garage and do some other jobs at my home for $2750.00. I gave him money upfront to pay for supplies. The last day he came to complete the job, I had to leave. **** promised me he would finish the job that day and asked if I would leave him the rest of the money before I left. I believed him and I left him the rest of the money. I found out he left my house 10 minutes after I left. He made no attempt to finish the work he tricked me into paying him for.
I have been fighting with **** for the last 8 weeks trying to get him to finish the job. He has been completely rude and disrespectful ever since he conned me out of my money. He keeps telling me next week, next week comes and goes and he tells me next week again. It is clear to me he has no intention of completing the work. I want a refund for the work he refuses to finish. I will get an estimate as to what someone else will charge me to complete the work **** has been paid for but will not finish. I cannot subject myself to anymore of his abuse. I don't need the stress.

Desired Settlement
I want a refund for the work he has been paid for and refuses to complete. I am in the process of trying to get an estimate now. I don't have a monetary figure yet but I will get it. I have tried, for 8 weeks, to resolve this issue with ****. He has been rude and very disrespectful to me. The abuse he has subjected me to is unacceptable.

Business Response

Hi **** I'm sorry you feel this way I would like you to know the general scope of work that occurred at your residence we cut down a forty foot plus tree from the back yard and hauled it all away we removed repaired and reinstalled your garage roof, added down-spouting to your house repaired and installed facia metal on the front of your house repaired siding on the front of your house we fixed and hung the siding on the garage and fixed the fence to the best of our ability even after I brought you out of your house to make it clear the tree would most likely damage the fence on its way down you agreed it was an acceptable loss and some how I wound up facilitating the fence pole and fixed it anyway we did all this within a budget of $2700 keep in mind we hauled four loads including shingles and roof debris and dump fees wages and fuel and running costs. Etc. etc. it was mentioned that your garage door wheel had popped out of its track when I first met you. I said I would fix it for you and put some caulking in the eavestrough for you as I have mentioned to you many times we are very busy this time of year as everyone wants our services before the weather changes but you seem to be taking things the wrong way that was made clear when you left a few choice messages on our business line which I still have and when someone speaks of me in that manner I get a little hasty at the end of the day **** we achieved excellent work for you at a bargain basement price and your busting my chops over a couple of little things I agreed to do as a gesture of good business if you would prefer that I do not come and pop the wheel on the track of the garage door for you can ask who ever you like to help you I have tried calling you on a few occasions to book a time with you to access the garage door while I was in town but you are not available it appears your email is working this *** have been a better way to communicate from the beginning,when I spoke to you less than two weeks ago you had no issue with waiting until we were back in Okotoks working to put a bead of caulking in the corner of an eave, and pop the wheel on the track - which I did not charge you for, I also re-caulked skylight at no charge. Its unfortunate that you are willing to attempt to smear a name for a family business that works hard over a bead of caulking and a wheel off a track that was being done for you at no charge.

Consumer Response
As far as I can tell **** sent you a copy of an email he sent me. He apparently did not send you my response to that email. I don't know how to send it to you.
I told him he has no business saying anything it takes to get the job and then refuse to fulfill his end of the deal because he decided, after-the-fact and after he tricked me into giving him final payment, that he did not charge as much as he wished he had.
He has completely exaggerated the work he did here. However, that is not the issue. The issue is he agreed to do it for the price I paid him. If he had not promised to finish the job, that day, I never would have paid him the final amount. He would not have left my house before finishing the job if I had not given him the money. He tricked me because I had to leave. He said he would finish the job if I would trust him and pay him before I left. He did not want to come back, before he went to Vancouver Island the next day, to get paid. He left my house 10 minutes after I paid him. He, obviously, had no intentions of finishing the job once he tricked me into giving him the money just before I left.
When I came home and found the job was not done I was very upset. He continued to promise to finish the job week after week but never followed through. That is when he started telling me I should be grateful for the amount of work he did do.
I don't believe he would have the nerve to do this to me if I weren't a senior, single woman, on my own. He should be ashamed of himself.

Final Business Response
Hi **** I have offered to come and finish your repairs for you and have never refused the service I am still willing to do some odds and ends to make you happy I can't help that you are taking it as seriously as you are however that is your right there is no written quote other than what we have described in this thread it is my intent to always do good business with every customer and treat every situation in a fair manner. I feel I have done my best to achieve your needs within the allowed budget. Let's move forward. Regards. ****.

Final Consumer Response
I have attempted several times to contact **** once you told me my only remedy is to allow him to finish the job. He told you he would. He would not answer my calls until I sent this last message I am forwarding to you.

11/04/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Roof Masters was the sub contractor that did work on my Metal Roof in Bragg Creek on November 16, 2011. They also did work outside that contract which was incorrect and caused the roof to fail and will need to be replaced. The insulation and OSB was not even to the rest of the roof causing the panels to lift, and the smart board was from the gutter side to the gabble end is off 1.5 inches. I got no response from Roof Masters to my communications to talk about the issues they caused.

The roof was inspected by the manufacture and the report states:

On 06/03/13 I went out to inspect the *****'s roof as ***** was concerned about the seams coming apart. Upon further investigation I found the roof to be concaved. The ****** is designed for a flat surface only and any deflection would result in product failure or effect the esthetics. In this case the female seam has given way to return to its straight form. As I was not there when the product was installed I don't know if the roof was concaved to begin with (but I'm sure it was). In my opinion the roof should have been strapped and shimmed to level. This is not a product failure but an installation problem.

Desired Settlement
The cost to fix the damage that Roof Masters poor workmanship caused is $9414.00 + GST

Business Response
to whom it may concern there has been some kind off misunderstanding in regards to a metal roof installation by
Roofmasters and Exteriors Ltd. Our company did not sell this person a roof nor did we sign off on any involvement with the said roof, we have been advised from the company that hired out this roof that the consumer and company involved has settled this issue in court, this matter has nothing to do with Roofmasters & Exteriors Ltd.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she did not accept the response from the business.)
I gave **** ******* and Roof masters a check to do work on November 16, 2011 in the amount of $2267. This was to replace damage caused by leaking also to redo the fascia with smart board. The work he did was incorrect and uneven that has to be fixed and caused damage. I provided the invoice to prove this.

The company that I hired did give some of the money back but did not take responsibility for the work that I payed separate from their contract.

**** ******* took a job on that he had no knowledge in that caused damage and head aches for three years. I expect him to to the right thing and take responsibility for actions in this matter.

Final Business Response
to whom it may concern
the customer in this matter accepted a quote for a metal roof installation it was my recommendation at the time that a shingled roof would serve as a better solution when we extracted the old roof system it was discovered that leaks that had been occurring likely since the house was built in the 50,s or 60,s and created much deterioration. At that time it was recommended to the customer that we extract the entire framing system for the roof and rebuild rafter system to achieve flat and level surface. Because the current rafter system is two by twelve rafters with hardwood vaulted ceilings mounted to the under side then filled with fiber board insulation then sheeting on top this would become quite an undertaking of both labour and materials and was not in the customers budget. The customer then made the decision to have the most damaged areas repaired. which we accommodated. He was then advised that a warranty could not be given under these circumstances as we were mounting onto a structure that was already 40 to 50 years old and was incongruent with Alberta building codes. Also after three years this is the first time i have been made aware of these issues nor was i given any chance to view or resolute any issues. The customer worked with options within his budget and unfortunately made some poor choices even after being advised otherwise. I can appreciate his frustration in this matter at the end of the day if the customer had shingled the roof as per my recommendation he would not be in the current situation.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she did not accept the response from the business.)
I do not know where to start on this made up reply.
The house was built in 1972 not the 50's or 60's.
The roof construction is not standard but is still used today, not hard wood but cedar, on top of beams not under, damage caused by vapour barrier under singles trapping moister under singles.
Because of snow and low slop roof singles were never talked about with sales man which **** was never apart of.
When the sky light was leaking, chimney flashing leaking roof coming off the deck work not being done was the only time **** said should of used singles. If this was said before the contract signed or the job stared another company would have been used.
There was never a discussion on changing the roof system or even my budget the fact was I had to spray foam the entire ceiling at an extra cost of $15,000 because the whirlybird vent was taken out and the static vents were not added.
Also **** thought drilling holes in the top of the roof would be a ridge vent instead he drilled into a bearing wall.
When I paid for the roof a ten year warranty was given.
The roof is flat except where **** did the repairs that I payed for separate from the contract.
I had 4 metal roofing companies look at the roof, the rep from the metal roof manufacture came out to take a look and all came to the conclusion that the roof was installed incorrectly. The best comment was I've seen worse.
The metal roof was installed 3 inches over the fascia, the gable ends are not bent up, no ****** used, flashing incorrect, not enough screws used per panel, wrong plumbing stacks and much more.
What qualifications does **** have to install any roof? Where is the proof that **** has the training, education ( red seal certified) and years of experience to install a metal roof. What roofer wants to paint my house?
The frustrating part is that work was taken on by people that had no knowledge in the work, got paid and do not want to make things right when they clearly are in the wrong. **** take responsibility for your actions.

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.