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BBB Scam Alerts
Using E-ZPass this summer? Watch out. Scammers are posing as E-ZPass in emails and claiming to collect unpaid tolls.
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Tax season may be over but that has not stopped scammers from continuing to pose as IRS officials and making calls threatening jail time and loss of property.
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Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers to be extremely skeptical of callers offering computer support services.
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Summer is a great time to take that long-overdue vacation or make much-needed home repairs, but as the weather heats up, so do scams. Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about these popular summ..
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05/15/2014 can be a great place to find deals on used vehicles, electronics, appliances and other major items. But watch out for a new, elaborate scam that's taking advantage of bargain hunters.
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AOL Mail is being spoofed and users’ AOL email accounts are apparently sending messages that contain a link in them which could lead to malware.
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BBB advises social media users not to fall for click bait teasers promoting exclusive footage of found passengers on the missing Malaysian flight.
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