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Microsoft Corporation is no longer providing support for Windows XP, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers and businesses that they need to take immediate steps to secure their computers..
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Watch out for fake emails informing you that you are being summoned for a court appearance. The file attached to the fake email is actually malware.
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Marlborough, MA - A strong snow storm has made its way to the Northeast and BBB is warning residents to be prepared for severe weather. Consumers should have a plan ..
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The Boston Red Sox are headed to the World Series and many fans are anxious to cheer them on. BBB offers advice to sports fans to be on the lookout for ticket and hotel scams.
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With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, commonly labeled “Obamacare”, on the horizon, scammers are finding it to be the latest opportunity to steal people's identities.
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Better Business Bureau warns that some talent agencies are just trying to make a fast buck and have no intention of keeping their promises of fame and fortune.
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As Memorial Day approaches, the Better Business Bureau urges consumers and donors to be aware of scammers that feed off the military.
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Consumers are suspicious of calls they’re receiving about qualifying for government grants. This has become a popular means of defrauding people, as many are not familiar with government grants.
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Consumers aren’t the only victims of fraud. Every year, thousands of small businesses are targets of fraudulent or deceptive sales practices. Protect your business from scams by learning what to look ou..
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Scammers have been making phone calls posing as representatives of the National Do Not Call Registry. Here's how the scam works.
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