Comment Submitted 6/9/2014

I inherited a house from my father, who took over the mortgage from my grandmother in 1994 (FHA), built in 1984. I recently had the property surveyed and discovered 9 ft of the house is on my uncle's property, and my aunt's drive way is on mine by 9 ft. Prior to this survey I had asked my uncle if he would sell me that part. He said No! I know I can apply for acquisition by prescription, but I wanted to know if any other party can be held liable for this, the previous surveyor, title company, builder, FHA?

Comment Submitted 6/25/2014

The problem is with a lien for a 2nd mortgage that was paid off and we cannot get **** ** ******* to provide a release of lien so that we can refinance for a lower rate. We refinanced our home in 2007 and when doing so it paid the first and second mortgage off (closing docs confirm this). Afterwards the 2nd mortgage original documents were sent to us marked "paid". We have provided (4 times) a copy of the title search, a copy of the Paid Original 2nd Mortgage, a copy of the Title docs from closing indicating payment for the mortgages. **** ** ******* will not provide a release of lien that they have had on our home since 2007. Months later we are still trying every other day for assistance. We cannot seem to be able to be in touch with anyone who has knowledge or authority to make this happen.

Comment Submitted 7/18/2014

can deed restrictions spelled out in the title policy be changed in an uncompleted development?
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