Automotive Technician


Noyes Tire Co.

Posted On: 2/13/2013


Objectives: To demonstrate willingness and ability to achieve and MAINTAIN EFFICIENCY PRODUCTIVITY RATING OF 100% OR BETTER. To meet productivity goals and billable hours. To be responsible for diagnosing and effecting the appropriate repairs or service correctly the first time. To strive for continued growth personal and professional being a team player. To be a strong asset to the company. To support and treat co workers in such a way that is supportive to each others growth and success. To provide an outstanding experience to our customers. To present a professional, neat, clean image. To pursue and complete training programs. To be a successful employee. To be responsible for understanding behavior and performance expectations. 

Responsibilities: Familiarize, understand and follow company policies and procedures. Accomplish and maintain a high level of efficiency. Perform work assigned by Service Advisor in accordance with time deadlines. Provide complete, accurate, and neatly written descriptions of diagnosis, repair, and maintenance performed on the work order. Maintain a low rate of comeback repairs. Expedite the service work assigned to you by notifying the Service Advisor when: Parts are required to complete a job. Additional diagnostic time needs to be sold to customer. When any other delays may be expected. When all your work has been completed. Are temporarily unable to complete job. Road test all repairs to ensure repaired correctly the first time. Maintain a clean a bay, working area and a clean facility. Time stamp start and end time on repair orders. Responsible for taking all possible precautions to insure the safety and health of you and your co workers. (wear safety glass’s etc..) Attend meetings as required by management. Attend training as required by management. Report all problems to management immediately. Report tools, equipment and facilities in need of repair immediately. Notify management of possession or use of illegal drugs by customers or employees. Exercise professional discretion relative to proper dress, posture, voice, words and acceptable behavior. (No eating at counter or in shop. Only on breaks) Demonstrate care and consideration when using any and all SHOP tools and equipment. Able to work with minimal supervision. Staying on and focus on assigned work. While waiting for parts or some delay, get next job if not possible go to On Going Responsibilities. There is always a task to be done. This position will be expected to perform other duties as assigned by management.  The company reserves the right to modify this job description as business needs require.

On Going Responsibilities:  Every one does EVERY thing at Noyes Automotive and Tire.  We are exuding pride in our job and our work environment. The following are examples but not limited to: Take out garbage’s. Clean bathrooms. Put stock away. Keeping Employee break room, warehouse, shop office all organized and clean. Pick up garbage in parking lot or anywhere on the floor or property. In general, if you see something needs to be done. DO IT. 


Dress Code: Professional appearance is very important to the operations and image of this company.  It sets the proper tone for good customer relationships. 1.Uniforms are required at all times. 2.Tucked in and buttoned up. 3.Change as necessary. 4.Beards/facial hair must be kept neat and trimmed. Clean cut and neat appearance is the goal.

Job Requirements: 1. Employment of this position is contingent on a satisfactory motor vehicle report. 2.Valid, current and clean driving record. 3.Maintain valid state drivers license (issued in state of employment). 4. Purchase and maintain the appropriate tools necessary to perform job. 5.Expected to achieve and maintain ASE certifications. 6. Maintain Vermont State Inspection License. 7.Able to lift at least 60 pounds. 8. Physically fit and able to perform the physical demands of this job. (Such as but not limited to: kneeling on knees, work over the fender of a car, work over head under a car etc…)9.Possess necessary tools to perform the required tasks.10. Report to work on time following your assigned schedule.


Depends on experience, ability and productivity


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BBB Advice

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