4/6/2015 My experience was horrible. I'm currently on ********** insurance due to unforseen reasons. I felt that I was treated differently because of this. I felt belittled and degraded by the doctor. And when it came time to pick out glasses, again felt awkward. The room where you pick out glasses is located within the waiting area. So they have me sit down and basically toss a box at me labeled ********** Women's Glasses. I was never told that because I was getting contacts that I had to pay for exam. So that cost $70.00 I wasn't expecting. Just overall not a good experience, I will never go back again.
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Comment from the Business I am sorry that the patient felt this way. We do not treat ********** patients differently here, as we see many in our office. The area where the frames are selected is in the optical area, which is always busy in any practice. We never "toss" frame boxes at our patients, we place them in front of them so they may select a frame. The patient did not come in with her contact lens prescription information and was wearing them improperly. It is my job to inquire about the patients previous contact lens prescription, wearing habits, and vision. I then have to refit the patient with the proper lenses and educate them about the proper wear and care of the lenses. For that, there is a fee. Fees are usually presented to the patient when it is known that they are not covered before the exam. Again, I am sorry that the patient had a bad experience, but she did get free trial contact lenses, free glasses, and a proper updated prescription for both. by on 4/8/2015

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