11/10/2015 Gregory's Optical has served me exceptionally well for over a decade. Family owned and run, and, they treat me like a beloved long-time friend with the highest regard of professionalism. I wear progressive lenses and Gregory gets my prescription right the first time -- every single time. This was not my experience before when I thought I was getting a better deal at the national chain optical centers. Way back then, I thought I was saving money based upon my presumption that these chains purchased in mass volume, received better wholesale pricing, and, passed along this savings to their customers. Wow, was I wrong! What I discovered well over a decade ago is that Gregory's Optical offers tremendous expertise, top-tier professionalism, incredibly competitive pricing, an amazing selection of personally hand-picked frames -- many hand-made from the very best designer brands like ***** *****, **** * ****, * *. ***, ******, ****** and ****** -- to name a few. Gregory's Optical is the very best in the boutique shopping experience with a significant difference -- their notable cost-savings. Their pricing is substantially lower than the national chain optical centers or what one will find online. I know as I've checked over the years whenever I made a purchase. I felt great knowing I received the best highly personalized service, gorgeous quality handmade frames, and, tremendous savings to boot!!! At Gregory's the client receives highly personal customized service, bar none. Add to this -- ****, who will look at one's face and select frames that will surely complement one's unique facial features. I can tell you right now that most folks will not receive this level of expertise at any of the chain optical centers. Before Gregory's, my Asian facial features were often criticized by both privately-owned optical shop owners and retail sales employees of the national chain stores. Shopping for eyeglasses was humiliating, degrading and highly unpleasant. The people who should have been helpful were insensitive, rude and unprofessional because of their obvious lack of expertise in matching styles and colors to one's facial features and skin tone. I know without any doubt or hesitation that shopping for eyeglasses can be fun, kind, enjoyable, productive and rewarding because of my awesome experiences with Gregory's Optical.
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by Dolores R. on 11/10/2015 | Submit a Customer Review
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