1/23/2015 I'm saddened to have to write this because I've had two experiences prior to this that were good, and now, the one time I had an issue, I experienced the most horrendous custom service ever!! Not only did they proceed to schedule any day that worked for them when I requested next day service (even though I checked on-line that "I must be home for the delivery" and knew when I would be available), I was then forced to make arrangements to leave cash for the driver when I wasn't going to be there. (Like many single new englanders, I actually have to budget a certain amount of money towards heating oil each year, and I therefore, keep it in a separate account, hence the cash!) If I hadn't bothered to call them back and make these arrangements, then the oil delivery would never have taken place at all, and of course my oil was getting low!! Then following the delivery, I came home to find my tank at 3/4 when I asked them to fill it, and they claimed that only $322.56 was left, when I placed $403.20 in the envelope (the amount I had calculated on the phone with the operator to be left to fill 180 gallons, and counted twice to make sure it was accurate), so when all was said and done, $80 was unaccounted for and my tank was not full! It had been 2 hours since they delivered the oil and no one, had bothered to call me about the issue, so I called them. What I got was one person for 10 minutes, trying to pretend she didn't know what I was talking about, and then a second person, vehemently denying that I had left the correct amount in the envelope and that the driver had called her at the house 2 hours earlier!! Yet, no one bothered to call me???? The call was ended by her saying she would double check with the driver, but absolutely, no steps were taken to appease my loss of respect or trust at the point, or to set up a time to fill up the rest of my tank since in my mind, they never completed the job. The most disconcerting thing, was that neither person I spoke with seemed concerned at all about this issue. They were not acting like they took these issues seriously, and if anything, their one intention seemed to be to blame me for the incident. Likewise, even though the supervisor said she would call me back that day, 4 days went by before I actually spoke to the supervisor again, and once again….I HAD TO MAKE THE CALL. She finally apologized for the miscommunication, (MISCOMMUNICATION??) but did not attempt to truly reconcile anything. She half-heartedly offered a $40 credit on my next oil purchase, and then promptly followed it up with, "Well we're not going to send anyone out to your area to fill up the rest of your tank, when it only needs about 60 more gallons. "It's not worth our while. Oh, and by the way, we won't accept cash for a payment, only a blank check or money order." &*()(*^(&^% Yeah, would you believe that, now I'M NOT THE ONE TO BE TRUSTED!! Not to mention, a money order or a blank check IS THE SAME AS CASH! (except that it costs me $15 to produce a money order, and now I'm going to open my entire bank account to them with a blank check!) How stupid do they think I am!! Very unhappy, and will never use them again. Nor will I ever recommend them to anyone again. It's just on principle that I write this now. It's not about the $80, its about the foul treatment I received and the fact that "it's all about them" and not servicing the community.
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
by Heather B. on 1/23/2015 | Submit a Customer Review


Comment from the Business The customer requested an oil delivery online on a day we were not in the area. We promptly responded to her request via e-mail that it would not be on that day. We have not delivered this said customer in over a year and is not a regular customer with us. The customer stated she would leave a set amount of cash for the delivery. The driver immediately called to let the office know what amount of cash was left. He delivered the fuel for the amount of cash that was left per our instruction. All of our drivers are background checked by the state and federal homeland security. Our drivers deal with cash on a daily basis and have never turned up short. The drivers make good money and would not jeopardize their jobs for cash. We were willing to meet the customer half way and credit her account for her next delivery. We let her know we would deliver her when we were in her area again. We are not in her area on a daily basis and she had almost a full tank of fuel and was in no danger of running out by the time we could get there. We value the business of all of our customers and try our best to accommodate every customer. by on 1/24/2015

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