5/15/2014 I live in Newton MA and ***** Devaney just delivered 80.3 gallon heating oil 2 days ago at price of $4.29 per gallon. The highest heating oil price in great Boston area including all West, South and North suburb towns now is $3.69 per gallon based on New England Oil survey as of today. You adjudge it if ***** Devaney highly over charge consumer or not. I need answer to justify DEvaney’s price gouging
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Comment from the Business Mr. *** was in a fixed price contract through April 30, 2014 at which time the price reverted to retail price. Devaney Energy is a full service supplier of heating oil and 24 hour service and therefore will charge more than what is listed on discount oil web sites. A better gauge of retail oil pricing is the Department of Energy Resources' web site. ************************************************************************************************************* They show a high of $5.00 a gallon with an average of $3.91 a gallon. I am sorry Mr. *** feels he is being gouged, but for the level of quality and service he is being offered, Devaney Energy is charging fair market value by on 5/15/2014

Report Abuse Hi ***,The oil price you attached is irrelevant to me as a consumer. For many years, I have been using New England Oil on line open market pricing posted daily to purchase heating oil. ******************************************************** As I mentioned that the highest heating oil price for the last a few days was $3.69 per gallon in Boston Metropolitan area. I just called Law Fuel randomly and they quoted price $3.3449 as of today. Sometimes, posted price on line might be 10 cents off, but never more than 30 cents off from any heating oil providers. Comparatively, Devaney Energy charged me $4.29 per gallon. You obviously have gouged price. I no longer wish to have you as my heating oil service provider and ask you to stop supplying heating oil to 43 ******** **** ****** ** ***** I continue keeping in touch with relevant consumer protection agencies and seek further actions if necessary to protect from your price gouging. If you have questions, please respond to my email. Best Regards****** *** by dshi on 5/16/2014

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