9/19/2013 I do not normally write product reviews, but after reading the negative review on this site, I felt compelled to share our very different experience with the ********* company and its products. I ordered our first ********* Recovery Wrap kit for my daughter 6 months ago to help with a ***** ******. The product worked well and as advertised; there was an immediate reduction in pain and soreness after the first wrap treatment. We kept with the program, applied the 2d wrap, continued with a bit more rest, and ultimately my daughter returned to play much sooner than anticipated. I thought the company behaved quite responsibly in sending a follow up email after completing our order reinforcing that even though the individual might feel much better right away (which my daughter did), to be careful about the dangers of returning to activities too soon. My daughter injured herself again two days ago. I placed an order for a Recovery Wrap yesterday at 8am. The product arrived at my PO Box before 9am this morning -- literally overnight. I will admit that the ********* website is not the most user-friendly. However, if you read the product descriptions it is clear what you are getting. I believe the prior reviewer did not receive what he wanted because he didn't spend enough time on the website trying to figure out which product he actually needed.
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by mom2mla3g on 9/19/2013 | Submit a Customer Review
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