7/10/2013 DO NOT CONSIGN WITH THEM! The owners are a mother/son team, and they are simply awful to deal with. One will lie, and the other will swear to it. They were nice, friendly, and responsive, until they had my merchandise in their store. Then the EVASIVENESS began. They generally didn't respond to emails or phone messages. When they did, they didn't answer the questions I asked. They never let me know that the merchandise had sold; I had to figure that out for myself. Once I did, they were very reluctant to tell me the selling price. Then the CHASE began. You have to request payment between the 1st and the 8th of the month after your items sell. I tried to do it by calling Jarred (the owner), he wouldn't accept my payment request by phone; he made me go the website and request payment there. Really?! They refused to answer simple questions, such as, "how much did the items sell for" and, "when can I expect payment?". Email, no response. Call, no response. Wait a week and repeat, no response. This went on for two months! Then it got NASTY. After several threats to take them to small claims court, contact the Better Business Bureau, and get an attorney involved, they finally responded. And not nicely. Their correspondence portrayed the whole thing as my fault. I suggested this was all because of their consistent lack of response, and they accused me of being a poor customer. Then the DECEIT began. Of course, the evasiveness, the chase, and the nastiness continued. I finally got them to send me a settlement sheet. At this point, I wondered if they were providing me with the accurate selling prices. I do not have any evidence to suggest they weren't; I just didn't trust them. Doing the math, it turns out they only planned to pay me 50% of the selling price instead of 55%, which is stated in the contract. It seems they preferred for me not to figure that out. I asked them why and they pretty much told me to sue them if I didn't like it. BOTTOM LINE: The items I consigned sold in February. I had to fight tooth and nail to get paid; one check at the end of April and one check at the beginning of June, and cheated 5%, maybe more. I wouldn't recommend this place at all. To anyone. STAY AWAY!!!
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by Gregory G. on 7/10/2013 | Submit a Customer Review
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