1/16/2015 I graduated from PrepMD in February of 2014 and it was an incredible experience. The curriculum is tough. The first two months consisted of intense studying every night. You consume an immense amount of information; however, it's important and necessary given the job you're being trained for. During the second half of the course you're afforded access to some of the best medical institutions in the country for clinicals. Your exposure to talent and experience complements everything you learn with **** *****. Likewise, during the second half of the course you fine tune technique and learn troubleshooting processes in the incredible facilities at PrepMD. My job search was unique given that I was not geo-flexible. However, I was fortunate to be offered a position as a PrepMD Professional contracted to work for one of the big 5 CRM companies. I was apprehensive at first but a year later, I'm so happy I took advantage of that opportunity. It gave me a chance to gain experience during the length of the contract without tying me to a lengthy non-compete. Similarly, most Prep Professionals are either offered a contract renewal or permanent position. The PrepMD Professional option offers job security in a preferred geographic location while providing you job experience and positioning you as a more desirable candidate at the end of the contract. At the end of my contract I was offered a contract extension; however, with my year of experience, I've chosen to accept another position instead. I am positive I would not have been afforded the new opportunity had I not worked as a PrepMD Professional. It provided me the experience needed to become a suitable applicant for my new position. Also, I had access to the PrepMD staff while working through the transition. I am 110% satisfied with my decision to start my career as a PrepMD Professional and I am so thankful for the incredible opportunity it has afforded me!
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