2/18/2016 I have been with ACCC since April 2014. Everything has been great till today. I was served with a notice of wage garnishment. After calling both ACCC and the collector, I found that ACCC deactivated that account without telling me. I have paid $1233 over the last 9 month that have not gone to the company that we agreed to. The representative confirmed with me over the phone that they did wrong, but that her supervisor would have to review this. I believe that due to their lack of following through on the agreement and lack of communication with me, they should pay my settlement.
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by S. A. on 2/18/2016 | Submit a Customer Review
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Comment from the Business ACCC is currently working to resolve this issue with the client. Once an account is in legal status, it must be removed from the program as we cannot stop legal action on an account. When the account was removed, a letter and new budget was sent informing the client of the change. In addition the law office notified the client several times. To clarify, the $1233 in payments were reallocated to pay another of the client's active accounts in the program. Since ACCC should not necessarily have reallocated the funds to another active account, the issue has been escalated for resolution. by on 2/22/2016

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