3/24/2014 What a waste of time and money, Dealing with ******* (owner)and ****(secretary) was frustrating and made my blood boil. After calling numerous times for requested transcripts and reciept of payment in full, this could be e-mailed easily. After 2 weeks, still have not returned any of my calls. The secretary **** giving me an attitude on top of it just makes me want to go through the roof. The rudeness floors me. I could have done this class online for half the price, but I wanted a in-class experience. All course work is done at home and if there are any questions you can ask them at the next class. Thought to self(why am I paying double to do the actual lessons at home?) I would have saved myself the irritation of going to class 3 nights a week until 9pm. bored out of my mind from looking at ********** all night. From what we were sent home to read the night before? And at the end of it all, dealing with a poor bussiness owner who at the middle of the program informs me that I have not paid in full due to ****** fees? SHOCK! It does state on the website that fees may apply. Don't be fooled it is not MAY there IS a fee... so if you have to pay with a credit card expect to pay $112.00 for additional fees for ******* Then she doesn't even have the courtesy of returning my calls after paying $4,000.00 I deserve a call back a least to let me know it will take a while. This was a useless program for anyone paying out of pocket DON"T DO IT!!!... Go thru ***** and save your money and time.
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by S N. on 3/24/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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