4/23/2014 I went into this business last month to get my computer looked at because i believed to have had a virus, when i walked into the business there was an older guy at the front counter smoking a cigarette and there was a younger guy in the back smoking a cigarette working on another computer, the guy at the front counter was rude and seemed upset about something it wasnt pleasant at all, while i was there i asked if i could use the restroom and i should have just held it because when i walked through the jungle of trash and smoke and got to the bathroom it was unbelievable what i saw, there was pee on the toilet seat, there was atleast 50 cigarette butts in a cup and one in the sink and a few in the toilet, it was disgusting i didnt even go to the bathroom i just got out of there and went back up front to get my computer taken care of. i ended up leaving my computer there because it is the only place around my house and i dont have a car i have to get a ride everywhere. i got a call a week later telling me that my computer had to be restored and that it was all set. first off you told me 24-48 hours and second you RESTORED my computer?? I lost all of my stuff! the guy told me that my computer was so badly infected that he couldnt save anything at all. last week i got a message on my computer telling me that my windows wasnt genuine! i called up the store and they told me that they forgot to put my activation code in and that i had to bring it back up there for them to fix it. i dont know if they have genuine activation codes for windows or not but something is fishy in that place. i am furious and am going to see if there are any actions that i can take further about this matter, i just wanted to submit this review so that other people do not have the same experience that i had. this place is awful and disgusting and the way that they do business is horrifying!
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
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by Sandra S. on 4/23/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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