7/11/2013 WSH Appliance was scheduled to repair my Microwave as part of a ******* *** know fire hazard. ******* *** made the appt with WSH on my behalf and also provided them with an authorization number to cover all cost associated. The tech showed up unprepared and asked me to produce sales receipt. Very unprofessional as if there were anynquestionsmin regards to the repair, WSH should contacted ******* *** to work out all the details. I spent two plus hours dealing with the issue and the end result is I still have a microwave that can't be used due to,the fire hazard it poses. WSH was not really willing to assist me in getting the issue resolved with ***********. I did follow up with ******* *** and they have made the necessary arrangements to have my microwave repaired next week by a completely different vendor. ******* *** did state that the proper authorization was passed onto WSH and that the tech should have been prepared to complete the repair today. Big disconnect, but again the call was placed by ******** *** and not myself.
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by Jeff Y. on 7/11/2013 | Submit a Customer Review


Comment from the Business I do agree with this customer that there was miscommunication with the dispatch of this call and will accept part of this issue could have been handled differently. As with ALL electronic dispatches from any manufacturer or contract provider, we do confirm the information with the consumer. We attempted to do this but our voicemail was never returned. The tech arrived at the home on the scheduled day and within the scheduled time frame. He followed standard procedure regarding product information including attempting to verify the date of purchase.( this is needed to properly submit a claim for the repair). Our follow-up with ******* *** showed that a part was suppose to be sent by the manufacturer and was not. We were not aware of this and were willing to order the part, asking only that the purchase date be provided upon return. Understanding that people do make mistakes, we follow up on all service calls that are scheduled through a third party to confirm the information provided or not provided. Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to follow up on this issue as the customer rescheduled with another company. by on 7/11/2013

Report Abuse Again, I did not place the request for this service event, nor did i ever receive a call from WSH to confirm any data. The manufacture stated to me today when I called to express my displeasure with the service event, that they had AUTHORIZED WSH to install the New PCB and and had instructed them to do so in the electronic dispatch. The manufacture stated to me that at no time was any verification of purchased required as they had again provided authorization to WSH to proceed with the repair. As far as the rescheduling with another service provider, this was done by the manufacture and not myself. It is evident there is a lack of communication here between WSH and the manufacture. If WSH had any questions in regards to the service event, they should have reached out to the manufacture who was authorizing the repair. I verified with the manufacture that even with the new service provider coming to install the part, that I Do Not need to provide proof of purchase. This repair is part of a known issue where the microwave has been known to cause fires. It is sad to say that i wasted approx 2 hours of my day and I am no better off then when I called the manufacture 2 weeks ago. One thing to remember is that the customer is always right, and the approach from WSH should have been to contact the manufacture and verify what the expectations where. by Jeff Y. on 7/11/2013

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