10/19/2013 Our very recent experience with the procurement, installation and financing of a natural gas boiler and indirect water heater could not have been better thanks to the guidance, assistance and expert work provided by **** and ****, the bodies and souls of Suburban in Woburn. Most outstanding were their willingness to problem-solve with us, their ingenuity for finding economical solutions to complex problems, and the sheer elegance of the resulting assembly of the machinery, its pipes and valves and pumps, all fitting neatly and quite beautifully into the space previously occupied by just the oil tank. In the process, by eliminating the old boiler and water heater, we gained a whole 8'x8' room in the basement. Fantastic! Plus,it was such a pleasure to deal with people like **** and ****, who take pride in every aspect of their work, and are joyful in the performance of their tasks.
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by Emil on 10/19/2013 | Submit a Customer Review
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