Advertising on School Sports Calendar Posters
Sooner or later your company will probably be approached and asked to buy an advertisement on a local school’s sports calendar. Is it a good deal? Your company’s name will be in a prominent place an..
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FTC Issues Final Telemarketing Sales Rule Amendments Regarding Prerecorded Calls
Rule Will Halt Prerecorded Sales Calls Unless the Seller Obtains Consumer's Permission
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College Students Face Credit-Care Issues
This is a big week in the Dixon house as our two young children go back to school. They are on a year-round schedule, one starting kindergarten, the other third grade. Our friends with older kids keep t..
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BBB Advice on How to End Unwanted Junk Mail
Junk mail is a nuisance for many consumers who receive daily postcards, flyers, specially-marked envelopes and pre-approved credit card offers. Junk mail also presents an opportunity for ID thieves to s..
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BBB Financial Advice for College Bound Students (and Their Parents)
Between packing for college, buying school supplies and recovering from sticker shock, parents may be too bogged down to remember to pass on some financial words of wisdom as their child leaves the nest..
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BBB Warns College-Bound Students and Parents to Beware of Financial Aid Schemes
The Better Business Bureau is warning college-bound students and their parents to be wary of financial aid fraud perpetrated by companies promising big bucks for college tuition, but who ultimately take..
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Boise Police Warn Consumers to Beware of Door to Door Solicitations
Boise, July 31, 2008 - Boise Police have been advised by the Idaho Humane Society that the organization is NOT doing door to door solicitations. A resident of the Boise Bench, Morris Hill area ca..
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Attorney General Stops Deceptive Solicitation Practices by Three Telemarketers
(Boise) – A California charity must stop telephone fundraising in Idaho and two other telemarketers must change their business practices, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced. Those are among the..
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Numerous Local Businesses Targeted By Scam Artists
(Boise) A florist ordered 1200 roses to learn it was the first step in a scam. Now, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) learns the same scam artist is targeting numerous businesses throughout the Treasure..
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High Fashion at Low Prices? BBB Advice on Avoiding Counterfeit Luxury Goods Online
The market for counterfeit luxury items is wide and deep, with everything from jewelry and perfume to handbags and sunglasses being sold. While busts like the January seizure of more than $1 million in ..
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