Scams on Craigslist reported to BBB

phishing 300x207 Scams on Craigslist reported to BBBCraigslist can be a great, online resource for people wanting to buy and sell items, look for jobs, engage in conversations on various subjects, etc.  On the other hand, there are opportunists, who use Craigslist to take advantage of people. Two types of scenarios have been reported locally this week:  one involved the selling of a boat, and the other involved a job opportunity.

In this first scenario, emails were sent out that mentioned that the delivery of this boat was delayed due to insurance fees not having been paid. A deposit was required to be paid in the amount of $1500 via Green Dot Money Pak. On top of that, 3 Green Dot cards had to be purchased to pay for this service because the maximum amount that can be placed on a card is $500. This “Boat for Sale” was definitely a hoax. Unfortunately, it was found out too late and $3000 down-the-drain later.

Ebay1 Scams on Craigslist reported to BBB

For the second one, a man was seeking a job opportunity for a Full-time Customer Relations position. The position he found was for Mystery-Shopping employment, and supposedly, he would be working for Intrax International Institute. This company is actually a school and doesn’t employ mystery shoppers. Multiple emails were sent regarding the position, and a check in the amount of $1150 was sent to him to perform a health check on Western Union services. This is a classic example of a counterfeit check scam, where the check sent is counterfeit; money is requested to be wired to an unknown location; the counterfeit check bounces; and the victim turns out to be the person who believes that he/she is a Mystery Shopper.

Please do your homework, when buying and/or selling on Craigslist. Here are some suggestions from their website as to how to protect yourself. Should you have any questions or concerns about a possible scam, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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