Scammers Change Tune With News Events

While the national media is focused on a the issue of illegal migrant or abandoned children, scammers are quietly finding ways to profit from the situation. BBB® warns consumers to be wary of phone calls asking for families of children who have recently crossed the border.

When they call, they may:

  • Speak Spanish
  • Claim to be a charity worker, social worker or from the government
  • Explain details which may or may not be true about the children, location and indicate the child is about to be released
  • Ask for money for travel or processing costs that must be paid for through a wire transfer, money order or a debit from an bank account.

Consumers are asked to never send money to anyone they don’t know and in these types of cases, be aware counselors trying to reunite children with their families will typically not ask for money. If you’re not certain the request is legitimate, check out the charity by visiting

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