Review Details in Moving Contract

BBB advises you to do your homework when thinking about using a moving company. This is a busy time of year when students are moving back to school or when families have just sold their home. A Fairfield Township woman writes she just moved to a new home and the moving company she hired took more than two weeks to deliver her household goods.

She says she called two police departments, two lawyers and her homeowner’s insurance company before she finally got the items. Her unfortunate streak continued when the items arrived and she discovered they were badly damaged amounting to thousands of dollars.

Whether you are a college student going back to campus or a family moving to a new home, here are few things to look out for with a moving company:

  • Ask friends and family for advice
  • Get at least three estimates from movers
  • Moving estimates are either binding or non binding. Before signing, learn which one you are agreeing to. Binding estimates guarantee the price listed is the amount you’ll pay, while a non binding estimate is an approximate cost.
  • All estimates are based on weight and services provided— so be sure you’ve included everything to be moved in each estimate that you get.

Finally, Start With Trust. Check with BBB before hiring a moving company. Visit

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