Don’t Be Taken For Granted

BBB is asking consumers to be aware of phone calls from people claiming to be from the Federal government. A Northern Kentucky man says he received four calls like this stating he was selected to receive a government grant.

The alleged grant was for $7,000 and since it was a grant he didn’t have to repay it. In each call, he said it sounded like a scam and hung up. On the third call, he says, “I was instructed to go to a Walgreens and the store would give me the money.”

The Northern Kentucky man did go to a Walgreens as instructed where the manager told him he was the fourth person to come in that day with the same story. Two days later, he says he received yet another call from someone claiming to be from the government and, just as with the other calls, the caller spoke with a foreign accent. He questioned the caller about the offer and, surprisingly, got the truth.

The caller explained, “We tell you to buy a Green Dot Card, put $290 on the card, give us the number on the back of the card and then we deposit your money on the card. Then, we take the $290 you put on the card but never deposit a penny to you on the card.”

Remember, if someone asks you to put money on a Green Dot Card and then give them the number on the back of the card it’s probably a scam. There’s nothing to prevent them from taking your money from the card.

Also, if you happen to fall victim to one of these scams, there’s a possibility you may be called back by scammers for even more money. Remember, Start with Trust. Visit and report any activity.

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Howard Ain has been reporting consumer news on Cincinnati television for the past 38 years. He also writes a newspaper column alerting readers to consumer scams. He now joins BBB|Cincinnati as a correspondent.