Don’t Be Goofed By a Spoof

BBB warns of spoofing calls in which scammers hide their own phone number when it appears on your caller ID but it shows your number in its place. Many people have reported receiving such calls; many of them are from scammers offering credit card services.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says his office has received several complaints from consumers. The calls appear to be coming from your own phone number, or one that’s off by just a few digits, however, in reality they may be originating from anywhere in the world. Be skeptical of any phone number that appears on your caller ID that you aren’t familiar with. Also, be skeptical of anyone claiming they can lower your interest rate on your credit card or asking for any personal information.

If you have any doubt about the caller either where they are calling from or the questions they are asking of you, it’s best to hang up and not respond– even if the recording asks you to push a button. If you do respond, you could end up receiving even more calls because it shows the scammers your number is legitimate.

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