Be Real About Fake Checks

BBB warns about phony checks still being sent to the area. A Cincinnati man says he’s selling a desk on Craigslist and received a check by FedEx. What made him suspect something was wrong was the desk he is selling is listed at $490. The check he received from the buyer to pay for it was written for $1,903.

The customer wanting to buy the desk says the balance of the money is to be used to pay movers who will come to pick up the desk. Fortunately, the seller works for a local bank so he knew to investigate the check, even though he says it looked very convincing. Sure enough, after calling the bank on which the check was written he was told it is fake and thus should not be deposited.

This scam has been around for years and, apparently, is still netting thieves a profit because it’s still being done. Bottom line, buyers and sellers beware of what is posted online. Incidentally, one sure sign things aren’t right is when the check is not sent through the U.S. mail. This is to avoid U.S. Postal Inspectors. If you’re considering using Craigslist for any type of purchase, use caution and make sure the deal you’re considering is truly legitimate. Start with Trust. Visit

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Howard Ain has been reporting consumer news on Cincinnati television for the past 38 years. He also writes a newspaper column alerting readers to consumer scams. He now joins BBB|Cincinnati as a correspondent.