FAILED By the 3-Day Right Rule – GRRR!!!

broken 300x213 FAILED By the 3 Day Right Rule – GRRR!!!Greta* bought this car, last week.  She needed it desperately to get to and from work, to get her kids to school, and mainly to get her life back in order.  She had been saving up for quite some time and was very excited to finally be able to purchase a car.  When she bought the car, it wasn’t what she was promised.  She was told that the vehicle had been inspected by a mechanic and that there were no defects.

Within a couple of days, the transmission failed, the muffler had a leak, and the head gasket was bad, among other things. Greta was not a happy camper and immediately wanted to return her purchase. She was informed that she could not do this. She cited the Federal Trade Commission’s 3 Day Cooling Off Rule, which didn’t help her at all. Like many others she was under the impression that the 3 Day Cooling Off Rule applied to so much more. It most definitely does not cover used car purchases. The Lemon Law is only applicable in certain situations as well and generally pertains to newer cars. See this link for further details.

Like many others, who make the assumption that they are protected with their purchase by the 3 Day Cooling Off Rule and/or Lemon Law, she learned the hard way of what the law actually covers. It mattered not that she was financially unable to pay for this new car and its damages. The fact that she was struggling and trying to get her life back together and support her family made no difference either. Even, the fact that by making this purchase it put her and her family into dire straits.

With that being said, if a car dealer outright lies about the state a vehicle is in, the consumer does have some rights. Incidences such as these should be reported to the Attorney General and to the Better Business Bureau alike. For more information regarding your rights in making a used-vehicle purchase, check with your state’s Attorney General or an attorney.


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