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BBB receives several calls, emails and letters about Accredited Businesses and services daily. We then find ways to best serve you, our consumer and provide this service as an unbiased third party all for freeWe thought it might be helpful to use this blog to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions that come up. 

Today’s topic is: How to file a complaint with BBB

A graphic outline of the process is here in this flowchart. It is helpful to understand not all complaints are not posted immediately online in the Business Review, but rest assured, we are working on a resolution that is ethical and fair to all parties involved. The complaint is then posted once the process is complete.

The bottom line is this. Accredited Businesses have an agreement with BBB to make a good faith effort to resolve complaints in a timely manner. Whether they are BBB Accredited Business or not, complaints are reported on the BBB Business Review for three years. If you have a question, problem or inquiry about a business or service, Start With Trust. Visit bbb.org first.

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