What You Should Know About Apple’s WWDC Presentation

On June 2nd at the World Wide Developers Conference Apple introduced its new operating systems. OS X Yosemite is the new operating system that will run future Mac Computers, and iOS 8 will be downloaded by iPhone and iPad users everywhere, according to The New York Times.

Here are some of the more interesting and user-relevant features.

  • Continuity is a new system which allows for easier transitioning between mobile devices and your Mac computer. Phone conversations, emails and more can be easily moved to a different device depending on your needs.
  • iCloud Drive is Apple’s version of the popular DropBox service. iCloud Drive will allow for file sharing across Apple devices.
  •  The mobile keyboard got a couple new features. When you type, it gives “predictive typing suggestions” which means it try’s to predict the word you are trying to type before you finish.
  •  It will also suggest simple responses to incoming messages. It seems to work best if the message you received is a question.  For example if a friend asked “Do you want to get Coffee or Ice Cream?” It would let you pick from these predicted responses: Coffee, Ice Cream, or I Don’t Know.
  •  iOS 8 has changed the messaging system. When you receive a text you can swipe down on the banner to type a response and then return to the app you were using, rather than tap on the banner to leave and go to the messaging app.

Apple also announced new developer tools, available in iOS 8, which will allow for health monitoring and smart home integration as well as a new programming language for Apple devices. These features will help App makers do new things with the iPhone, but will not be of immediate use to people downloading the new operating systems this fall.

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