STORM DAMAGE: Coming to a location near you!

storm 300x199 STORM DAMAGE: Coming to a location near you!With the advent of warm weather often come storms, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. We should be prepared in the event that Mother Nature decides to take a turn for the worst. Here are some guidelines borrowed from American Electric Power.

  1. STAY AWAY from fallen power lines!  Do not attempt to touch these. Call 9-11 for help or your electrical service provider.
  2. For damaged breaker boxes or wires in and outside your home, contact a licensed electrician for repairs. Contact your BBB to find out which ones are reputable.
  3. Have flashlights, battery-operated lights or oil lamps available, in case of a power outage. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a back-up generator too, but read these safety tips to learn more.
  4. Freezer items can keep anywhere from 24-48 hours without power. Refrigerated items only have a shelf life of up to 4 hours though.
  5. The American Red Cross recommends having up to 3 days’ worth of water, food, and other essentials. One gallon of water is needed per individual per day.
  6. BE WARY OF CONTRACTORS WHO SHOW UP AT YOUR DOORSTEP. Should this happen check with your Better Business Bureau regarding their reliability, before agreeing to have work done. This can eliminate a lot of problems down the road.

Apart from these suggestions, safety is the most important factor, and preparedness is crucial. With planning and fore thought, you can be prepared for the worst, before the worst can get you!


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