It’s 4 a.m. Do You Know What Your Bankcard Is Doing?

A Fairfield, Ohio woman reports she was awakened from a sound sleep at 4 a.m. by an out of the area recorded phone call. The caller said her bank card had been cancelled and she needed to enter her card number and PIN to reactivate it.

Fortunately, she did neither and simply hung up. Later, when her bank opened, she called and learned nothing had been done with her bank card, it was still active and there were no problems. She’s worried others may also get such a phone call and while still sleepy, fall for the scam.

BBB® recommends no matter day or night, scammers are always looking for ways to steal your identity. Anytime someone either real or recorded randomly calls like this, don’t give out your personal information and check with your bank immediately. Start with trust and visit

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About Howard Ain

Howard Ain has been reporting consumer news on Cincinnati television for the past 38 years. He also writes a newspaper column alerting readers to consumer scams. He now joins BBB|Cincinnati as a correspondent.