Unfortunately, Scams Don’t Take A Vacation

Customers in the Cincinnati area are telling BBB they aren’t receiving what they were promised when following up on a ‘free’ vacation certificate for cruises, vacation packages and travel discounts from various companies based in Florida.

If you are contacted by phone or by mail telling you that you’ve won a free vacation – BE SKEPTICAL.

Investigate carefully what payments you are responsible for, including taxes, hidden charges, or just be direct and ask what do you have to buy to get the trip. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. More likely than not, there is a teeny tiny clause somewhere in the mouse print that will make your dream trip of a lifetime into a nightmare. Check the facts.

Summertime is here. Slather on the sunscreen, get out the flip flops and enjoy quality downtime with family and friends. Just be sure to start with trust. Visit bbb.org.

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