Is the Donald Trump Money Giveaway for Real?


jackpot 300x261 Is the Donald Trump Money Giveaway for Real?

Donald Trump is known for many things, but giving away money? I’m not so certain of that one. According to Wikipedia, Donald Trump is well known for being an “American business magnate, an investor,[7] TV personality and author. He is the chairman and president of The Trump Organization and founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts.” Also he is very well known for his “NBC reality show The Apprentice,” was “No. 17 on the 2011 Forbes Celebrity 100 list,” expressed being a candidate for the US Presidency, among many other phenomenal ventures.

Recently, it was reported to the Better Business Bureau that one of his employees called on his behalf regarding a cash giveaway. This person did not give his name, but he told our caller that Donald Trump himself wanted to give her a check. Exciting news, right? In fact, he was willing to come out to her house and deliver the check in person. She was curious as to why Mr. Trump had selected her to give this check to. Apparently, according to “the employee,” Mr. Trump has a great respect for people who pay their bills on time and maintain their property. Her next question was, “What was the catch?” He said there was no catch and that Donald just personally wanted to give her money. – If this is the case, sign me up!  I’ll take much better care of my yard from here out and of course pay my bills on time.

Seriously, if you do receive any calls out of the ordinary regarding sweepstakes, lotteries, grants or money giveaways of any kind, think twice! Often scammers will use a celebrity’s name or important organization to fool people into believing their scheme is for real. Do not hesitate to call us, if you have questions. It is our aim to educate the public in not falling for schemes such as this. Of course, if you do have doubts, feel free to call the celebrity or organization directly to verify winnings.

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