Congrats on the New Job – Not!

As the last notes of Pomp and Circumstance echo into the distance and the mortar boards are tossed into the air, the real grind begins for graduates as they begin to look for the first ‘real’ job. BBB® says BEWARE of the emails claiming a job is being offered. Unless of course you’ve gone through the interview, answered the tough questions and mastered the perfect business suit.

Watch for lines such as “You won’t believe this opportunity. There is only ONE position left being held for you. A response is required by,” and gives a date. Or “Starting pay will be $75 per hour working with Amazon, Google, and Facebook right from home.” Then, the email asks you to click on a link to review the details of the offer. Word of advice? Don’t do it!

This is just a scam seeking to separate you from your cash or to obtain your confidential personal information that can be used in identity theft. These are just a couple of examples of phishing emails. How can you tell? There is a sense of urgency in the messaging, a request for a credit card or some other form of payment in addition to personal information that hiring companies don’t ask for by email or even information that isn’t required until your first day in the office.

Other clues to look for:

  • Grammatical errors, misspellings and lots of exclamation marks.
  • Ads promoting jobs with generic titles, such as admin assistant or customer service rep, and containing the phrases “Teleworking OK,” “Immediate Start” and “No Experience Needed”
  • The e-mail or mail contains an offer for a job you did not apply for.
  • The solicitation comes from an unknown sender; usually e-mails come from a free account, like Yahoo or Hotmail.

Good luck to the Class of 2014 and remember as you start out on your own, Start With Trust. Visit

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