Are You Covered?

insurance claim large 150x150 Are You Covered?When was the last time you read your homeowner’s policy? Word for word? If you’re like many homeowners, you probably have never read it that thoroughly and simply assumed that you had all the important bases – storm damage, fire, theft – covered.

Such was the case with a colleague. She thought her homeowners’ policy covered every imaginable scenario. And then she experienced a sewer drain backup. It was, to say the least, a stinky mess on several fronts. She had to hire someone to move the commercial-weight pool table, remove the standing water and disinfect the floors. When all was said and done, she shelled out more than $1,000.

And then she found out she could have avoided that expense save for a tiny deductible if only she had a sewer drain backup rider attached to her policy. Most homeowner policies do not include this automatically. It needs to be requested. The minimal extra fee is a lot more palatable than the cost of hiring a restoration company (that you checked out first with your BBB) to clean up the mess.

What causes sewer drain backups? Grease, paper towels and other oversized items that should not be put down the drain often are the main culprits along with tree roots. A camera scope can determine the cause for sure.

We’re not taking our homeowners’ policies for granted anymore – and neither should you.

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