Adopting a Charity: a Labor of Love

pets 300x195 Adopting a Charity: a Labor of LoveThrough networking and working at the Better Business Bureau, I’ve had opportunities to see reputable charities up close and personal. The things that these charities do for people are simply amazing. Some local ones that I’ve learned about are Allen County SPCA, Cancer Services of NE Indiana, Community Action of Northeast Indiana, Easter Seals Arc, Erin’s House for Grieving Children, Junior Achievement, Matthew 25, Rescue Mission, Women’s Bureau, YWCA Northeast Indiana, and on and on. Really, there are so many wonderful organizations out there that there are just too many to name. One thing that the many charities have in common is that they do serve a very important purpose. They reach out to people, change lives, and leave this world a much better place. Without them so many people and animals would be in dire straits.

Giving to a charity can be so much more than giving financially. Charitable organizations are always in need of volunteers. Compare it to adopting a pet. It’s truly a labor of love. To do it right, you wouldn’t just throw money at the pet. You would give of your time, energy, compassion, and love. That’s what charities need. Money is always helpful, of course, and goes towards funding the many different aspects of their programs. If you are able to help with paperwork, making calls, counseling, program administration, education, training, etc., you can help further the mission of a cherished organization.

So if there is something that you are truly passionate about or something that has deeply affected you in your life, there may be an organization out there just for you that you might like giving your time to. It’s worth it to research the many charitable organizations that are out there.

To help you in your search, check out the BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s national review on charities. Make sure and read the Charity Reviews by clicking on the links, to ensure that BBB Charity Accountability standards are met. Other places to learn about charities are through their websites or by requesting informational brochures from the company, themselves. For more information on specific charities, please contact your local BBB. By giving of yourself to your favorite charitable organization, either through your time, energy or donations, you can do your part by helping to make the world a better place.

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