A Bad Reflection of Business Practice

A word of caution from your BBB if you happen to come across the following  businesses: 911 Reflective Signs, Shooting Star Photography, Ohio Valley Exteriors or Marquee Photography. Records show BBB has received numerous calls and complaints about the owner, David Patrick Marrs of Amelia, Ohio. According to complainants, to date, he has collected an estimated $6,000 from area residents.

The primary complaint is lack of delivery on promises made for services or products. For example, BBB has learned that last summer Marrs approached homeowners in the Cincinnati area using the “911 Reflective Signs” business name with an offer to replace the numbers on their mailbox for $20. Consumers report Marrs took their money but never returned with the stickers. Some report that they still haven’t received the stickers and have been asking Marrs for a refund since September of 2013.

Most recently, Marrs allegedly took portrait photos at a local fire department fundraising event located in Ingall, Indiana operating under the business name “Shooting Star Photography.” Consumers filed a complaint with BBB in February stating they paid for Marr’s services in November and as of this blog, consumers still have not received their photos.

Other similar complaints have been reported with consumers paying for portrait packages but not receiving them. In one case, the consumer said they did finally receive the CD of photos but were unable to use the CD because it was scratched.

In each case, the complaint is that Marrs receives payment but does not do the work. BBB has recorded 37 complaints against F rated 911 Reflective Signs, with 15 of them not able to be pursued because BBB was unable to locate him. Shooting Star Photography is also F rated with unresolved customer complaints on file. BBB believes Marquee Photography and Ohio Valley Exteriors are out of business therefore are not assigned a rating.

Whether you are a consumer or a charity, always use caution when approached by someone selling services or products door to door and carefully read over contracts or agreements before signing them. Remember, you always have the option to tell the seller to give you a few days before making a decision.

Start with someone you trust. BBB strongly recommends researching any business before contracting with them by visiting bbb.org and reading the Business Review.

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