Warning: Netflix Phishing Scam

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There is a brand-new phishing scam on the loose and this time it is targeting users of the widely popular video streaming website, Netflix. All Netflix users should be extra careful when logging into their account and be suspicious of any unusual activity or pop-ups.

Below is a step-by-step break-down of this particular phishing scam:

Step 1: You try logging into your Netflix account and suddenly a screen pops up saying that your username was suspended due to “unusual activity” on your account and you are told to contact “Member Services” in order to regain access.

Step 2: You call the number not knowing that it is not connected to Netflix at all, but rather an unaffiliated number in some foreign country. However, you are unaware of this fact and follow the instructions of the “Netflix support staffer.” The “support staffer” then will then you that a hacker has infiltrated your computer and you need to take further measures to fix this serious problem.

Step 3: The “support staffer” will then connect you with a “Microsoft Certified Technician” to assist you with your hacking problem. As all this is going on, the scammers have downloaded any files of interest from your computer, sent you a bill for their services, and even asked you to take a photo of your ID and credit card for “proof.” If at this point you suspect something “phishy” is going on and refuse to send the photos, the call will end and the scammers get away with any sensitive documents on your computer.

Although seeing it all in writing may raise numerous red flags, people are more likely to fall for this scam when it actually happens to them. This is because few people fully understand the inner workings of a computer or how to recognize fraudulent activity even if it is right in front of their eyes. Many people are willing to trust anyone who claims to be a computer support specialist or professional, without asking any questions.

If you experience any of the components of this phishing attempt, immediately hang up the phone before you give these scammers any secure information. It is most likely that they will get away with at least your Netflix credentials so make sure to change your username and password immediately. If you use that same password for other websites, make sure to change those as well.

Always be cautious when using the Internet, even if you are on one of your favorite websites. Look out for any suspicious activity and take the extra time to verify support numbers no matter where they come from.

For more information on this phishing scam and what it looks like, visit http://gizmodo.com/new-netflix-phishing-scam-tricks-you-into-calling-fake-1535268484.

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