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LinkedIn Logo for web Land Your Dream Job Using LinkedInFinding a job can be competitive in today’s market, which makes finding a dream job seem like an impossible task. The process of applying for a job has changed in the last few years, as employers use numerous sources to find, evaluate and interview candidates. There are many talented professionals competing against candidates with similar skill sets for very coveted positions. To be successful in the quest for landing an enjoyable job you deserve, you will need to adapt to the evolving new career trends, one of which is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become one of the most vital resources in the career search process.  Currently, LinkedIn globally ranks as the 14th most visited website, according to  LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 225 million users, serving as a marketing and career advantage for emerging professionals and well-known leaders. For these reasons, LinkedIn has become one of the very first places employers turn to when posting job positions, searching for candidates, and reviewing applications.

What can LinkedIn do for you?

LinkedIn surpasses what a typical resume is able to achieve.  LinkedIn has the potential to provide exposure and visibility, while offering flexibility to develop and maintain a profile – strategically or passively.  LinkedIn profiles are similar to resumes in that they provide a reverse chronological history of work experience – but beyond this, you can create a personal brand with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is structured so that you can expand upon key areas, such as special projects, certifications, publications, skill sets, career summary and organizations. A vital component of LinkedIn is the ability to have endorsements and recommendations.  Endorsements and recommendations provide validation and serve as immediate reference to an employer.

Another key benefit of LinkedIn is the opportunity to build a network, providing access to professionals and resources in various industries. LinkedIn is an excellent hub for career management resources that includes groups to join, companies to follow, career management articles to read, and job search tools to locate positions.


Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do you think LinkedIn is a good place to find a job?

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