Job of a Lifetime turns out to be the Bill of a Lifetime! Grrr…


job of a lifetime 300x237 Job of a Lifetime turns out to be the Bill of a Lifetime! Grrr…I saw this ad in my inbox and was so tempted to click on it. It was as if the ad was made for me. It even said “Once in a Lifetime Position,” making $75 an hour, and working whatever hours/days I want. Wow! How can it be that the job of my dreams just fell into my lap? Working for eBay, Amazon, Google, Craigslist? Seriously, I can do that, and work from home even? Yes!!!

Now for the bad news…it’s a scam. It’s hard to imagine how many types of emails like this go out a day, special tailored to suit your ideal criteria for the dream job. Many other people have the same criteria for a dream job or at least improving upon their financial situation, which is why it’s easy for opportunists to come up with a gimmick like this and mass send it to people.

So if you clicked on the “APPLY HERE” link, it probably won’t turn into the bill of a lifetime. It may only infect your computer with viruses and give a scammer access to all of your personal and financial information. Oh, yippee! There are other “Once in a Lifetime,” online opportunities though that will take you for a ride.

Ones that involve fake checks, be on the lookout for those. They come disguised as Mystery Shopper or envelope-stuffing opportunities, lottery/sweepstakes winnings or even a chance to sell merchandise, where a buyer will send you a big check and tell you to keep the change. The problem with counterfeit checks is they look so real, but once you deposit it into your account you are liable for it. It’s as if you wrote a bad check. It doesn’t seem fair, and it isn’t but that’s how it is. That’s why scammers have such a hey day with this. When their gimmick works according to plan, their identity remains hidden and they have conned you into sending them a money transfer. They know full well that they can get away with it. If one figures out the scheme before the opportunist has a chance to pick the money up, then losses can be salvaged.

For any questions about any of these opportunities that come up or just to make a report, contact your local BBB. We are here to serve!

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