It Starts With Trust – In Life, and In Business

smiling business people 150x150 It Starts With Trust – In Life, and In BusinessPerhaps we are most keenly aware of trust when it’s been lost.

We trust someone when they tell the truth. We trust a business when we believe their advertising or selling claims are true.

But as soon as we find that someone is not being truthful or isn’t keeping their promises, we lose trust. And it’s very hard for that person or business to earn that trust back.

That’s why Better Business Bureau was founded in 1912 — to promote truth in advertising so that consumers can find trustworthy businesses. And today BBB continues to work for trust in the marketplace.

This year BBB Serving Dallas and Northeast Texas asked two groups of high school students to think about trust and create short videos on the theme, “Start With Trust®”. The results are thoughtful, intriguing – and fun.

The videos are competing in the BBB Dallas Student Video Contest at through March 28, 2014. You’re invited to find your favorite videos and share it on social media to help those videos get the most views. Each view is a “vote”. Follow the contest on Facebook at

Students in the BTW Film Club at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas and in the Communications Magnet at Richardson High School in Richardson are in the contest. See a video about the contest at

The teens worked in small groups to make the short films, and are competing in the BBB Dallas Student Video Contest through March 28, 2014. Winning teams will be selected based on how well the videos convey the trust theme and how many views the videos receive on YouTube at Students can win prizes for themselves and for their schools.

What do you think about trust? How do you feel when you find that someone is not trustworthy?

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