BBB Connects the Dots During National Consumer Protection Week

man at computer w coffee1 300x199 BBB Connects the Dots During National Consumer Protection WeekAs the public reflects on their rights as consumers during National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) March 2-8, BBB offers free, reliable services daily to make better-informed decisions and protect wallets, investments and personal information.

BBB connects the dots by allowing consumers to:

Search for any business. BBB has more than 60,000 reports on BBB-Accredited and non-accredited businesses throughout Greater Arizona. BBB Business Reviews generally contain information on a company’s BBB rating, industry, customer reviews, complaint history, and more, free!

Search BBB’s Accredited Business Directory. BBB’s online directory at, lists only businesses that applied and passed the accreditation process. Directory search results provide everything from auto repair to movers, or florists to kennels. If a company is a BBB-Accredited Business, they have committed to follow BBB’s Standard for Trust of building trust, advertising honestly, telling the truth, being transparent, honoring promises, be responsive, safeguarding privacy, and embodying integrity.

Read complaint details. Complaint details include the customer’s original issue, the resolution sought and the business’ response. Keep in mind, a complaint doesn’t always end negatively, so it is important to review both sides of a dispute when determining with whom to do business.

Read or write consumer reviews. Whether it is positive, negative or neutral, verified customers share their experiences about local businesses through BBB.

Report a scam and get scam alerts. Scams are not going away and scammers are constantly changing their tactics. Consumers can use the free resources found at to protect themselves and educate family and friends. BBB is committed to alerting the public each time it learns of a new scheme through its scam alert emails.

Are you surprised by how much BBB provides (for FREE) to help consumers get reliable information?

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