Unknown Leave it Alone: Follow Up

It appears scammers are not just giving up on trying to swindle you out of a few dollars – or more. Thanks to everyone following our BBB Blog: Unknown Leave It Alone topic for the last several days. It is terrific to see so many comments, sharing of information and many of you take heed to the warning of NOT returning the call to an international area code or hitting the redial number for Unknown numbers. Council of Better Business Bureau was mentioned on CNN Money with a few additional tips that may answer several of the most common questions that have been posted here.

Since we have your captive attention, don’t forget you can always use the following BBB Tips to make sure you are keeping your information safe and your monthly bill to a reasonable rate:

  • Whether it is your wireless bill, land line bill, credit card bill or debit card, watch your statements very carefully.
  • Check with your wireless carrier on what charges you are responsible for when it comes to international calls.
  • Do not fall victim to robocalls that are asking or telling you to press a number for different options.
  • If you have a family plan that includes a teen or student on it, make sure they are not returning missed calls to numbers they don’t know.
  • Check with any elderly relatives that have a cell phone plan and make sure they are not receiving any scam calls or returning calls they shouldn’t be.
  • Business travelers often have a list of known international numbers they recognize or clients they know personally. However, if it is an unknown international number, do not answer it. More often than not, the caller will only ring once or twice before hanging up.
  • Report suspicious activities to the FTC.

Remember, you can start with trust by checking bbb.org and always look at the number on your caller ID very carefully.

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