Space Travel, Google Glass, and More: 2014 Technological Innovations

Astronaut EVA 150x150 Space Travel, Google Glass, and More: 2014 Technological InnovationsLike any other year, consumers can expect some big technological innovations in 2014, according to a recent CNN article. This ranges from space tourism which has been in the works over the last few years to man-made life forms that seem like they belong in a science fiction movie.

Below are some of the most ground-breaking technological developments of the year ahead.

The growth of electric vehicles. Two years ago motorsport’s international governing body, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), announced an ambitious plan for an electric car race, dubbed “Formula E” and based off the popular F1 series. The arrival of Formula E could have a huge impact on the future of electric car manufacturing, according to experts.

The year for space tourism. After extensive testing and various delays, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, after two successful test flights, is finally set to lift off in 2014. At this point, the planned commercial trips are only suborbital, but Branson’s company hopes to take passengers further into space as technology allows.

Incorporating technology into fashion. Google Glass caused a huge stir on the technological front when it was introduced this past year. This wearable computing device, expected to launch later this year, has the potential to make smartphones and those relatively new smartwatches a thing of the past. Other wearable technology on the rise includes clothing with built-in solar panels, clothes that can monitor your health and scan for diseases, and new fabrics that can change shape or color.

Synthetic biology and artificial life forms. These developments surely belong in some type of science fiction movie. Design magazines and technology fairs claims that some of the most significant developments will be in the field of synthetic biology. Scientists are in the process of developing new types of artificial life forms that perform useful functions. These functions could range from microbes that live inside your body and detect early signs of illness to synthetic creatures that could rid the world of pollution or harmful species.

You probably thought 2013 was an exciting year for technology, yet you may not begin to believe some of the advancements expected for this coming year. Expect all of the above and more, including further developments in wind power, a trip to Mars and maybe even a conclusive discovery regarding dark matter particles.

Check out this interesting CNN article for more information.

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