Gaining Customer Loyalty, Part Two

Integration Leads to Customer Loyalty

customer service2 150x150 Gaining Customer Loyalty, Part Two

Last time, we took a look at how brick & mortar businesses are creating better customer loyalty programs. Today we’ll talk about how online retailers build loyalty by engaging their customers.

Use Data Wisely. Online retailers have endless consumer information available to them. While customers (rightly so) are becoming more keen on protecting their information, retailers continue to adapt to their customer trends. Loyalty Lab discusses smart data here.

What does this mean in terms of loyalty?

  • Reaching your customers on their terms. Whether it’s through social media, email, or text, consumers are particular and they will choose how they want to be contacted. Businesses who respect that will gain their trust.

  • Adjusting to trends quickly. Online retailers can immediately see what products are selling and what products are sitting. Creating quick incentives for their trusted clients to purchase inventory that’s not selling is easy through email and social media, while reminding customers of your great products.

Build a Community. Loyalty has moved beyond the punch cards of the past; loyal consumers interact with the companies themselves. With the ease of capturing everyday life on film, retailers are asking consumers to share pictures of their products in use. Companies can share these photos or videos on a variety of social media platforms – facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc. Not only is the consumer creating a story of their life, but the retailer is integrating that story into their their own.

Roozt is one small company that is doing a great job of building community and listening to their customer. Roozt sells active and yoga apparel, mainly for women, but with a twist. They sell their products with the intent of supporting causes around the world, so part of your purchase goes  to that cause. At their homepage, you as a customer can create your own “movement” and share it with other customers. Business meets customers meets engagement meets social change.

Reward Creatively. Loyal customers shouldn’t have to buy products or services to gain rewards. Referrals can be as effective, if not more, in terms of customer loyalty. Rewarding referrals means your clients are actively talking about your product in a positive light, creating more loyalty and more clients.

What do all of these have in common? Integration. Integrating your product with the customer’s life, in terms of media, community, and friendships, creates lasting relationships with your business.

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