Customer Service: How to Turn Those Frowns Upside Down

During the season of  returns, deprivation diets, misplaced package deliveries and the overall bum rush of the post-holiday let down, it can be difficult to be in jovial mood. If you’ve heard the lyrics “You can’t always get what you want” there are times when these epic words cited in a popular Rolling Stones song take on a different meaning in providing customer service. Your company may be doing the very best it can in providing the best product or service it can but it is just simply not meeting what a customer wants often ending in an unhappy result.

BBB® understands Accredited Businesses aren’t able to make every customer or client happy. That would be impossible to do. It is possible to enhance a customer’s experience which will in turn result in a positive comment on the business review or generate a referral.

According to a recent survey, consumers are still careful with their dollars post-recession and more aware of the type of customer service they receive when they do spend them. The ‘rage’ survey reported states badly-handled customer service is worse than no customer service at all. People who receive poor customer service after a problem become 12 percent less brand loyal than if they didn’t bother to complain at all.

Hmm, so it would stand to reason that when your company receives a complaint or less than friendly review, a business owner, large or small, would probably want to ensure the situation is handled in the best manner possible. BBB has found when companies added free remedies, such as an apology, to any other monetary relief they gave customers, satisfaction doubled from 37 to 74 percent. Sometimes customers need someone to just hear them, the trouble they are having and simply would like an apology from the business while the issue is resolved.

By acknowledging your customer’s complaint, apologizing and responding quickly with a quick, fair resolution, it just might result in the customer telling others about the wonderful customer service at your company. So with the start of the New Year, take a moment and see if your customer service policies and employees are capable of keeping new and existing clients satisfied. Sometimes the apology is more valuable than the money invested for the refund. Who knows, maybe your company and the customer will find sometimes, you’ll both get what you need.

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